Arbitration has increasingly become the preferred method of resolving business disputes, offering the benefits of greater flexibility, confidentiality and crucially, greater prospects for enforcement, than national court-based litigation.

Companies both large and small choose arbitration because it saves time and money and provides a range of options for resolution by neutral persons with relevant expertise. Avoiding protracted litigation helps businesses preserve critical relationships, keep important projects on track and minimize legal and internal costs.

As one of the leading law firms advising on all forms of commercial disputes, we pride ourselves on our sector knowledge as well as on our technical arbitration expertise. We are well versed in arbitration rules from major arbitral institutions, are experts at conducting UNCITRAL and ad hoc arbitrations and dealing with issues relating to bi-lateral investment treaties.

We help keep our clients out of court altogether or at least help get them get out faster, by preparing and submitting evidence and arguments to arbitrators and arbitration panels. Our firm also has vast experience acting as counsel under all the major institutional and procedural rules.