Banking, Conveyance & Real Estate


  • Sale, purchase and leasing of real estate
  • Asset financing, hire purchase, mortgages & Charges
  • Equity and Investments
  • Dispute resolution
  • Finance and Securitization
  • Tax Planning
  • Land use Planning
  • Landlord-Tenant Relationships

Our firm recognizes that banks and financial institutions are as diverse as their customers and appreciate the challenges and opportunities that often arise as a result of such diversity. We pride ourselves in offering quick turnaround timelines and giving our clients top-notch legal advice based on sound due diligence in an era where utmost caution is encouraged in any transaction.

We are trusted advisors for a range of foreign and local financial institutions on securing general corporate loans and overdrafts, guarantees, secured and unsecured working capital financing, asset financing, hire purchase and mortgages. We negotiate and draft facility agreements, perfect and register security documentation and advise on regulatory and compliance requirements.

Our lawyers are experienced in matters pertaining to sale and purchases of property and are always offering top-notch services whether acting for or on behalf of the Purchaser, Vendor or both Parties.

In addition, we offer legal advisory services to real estate developers, investors and purchasers in the acquisition, development, financing, sale and leasing of real estate. Specifically, we review and draft agreements for sale, transfers, leases and subleases and novation. We also advise on Stamp Duty and Capital Gains Tax (including the application for exemptions thereof).

Additionally, we manage all legal aspects of Landlord-Tenant Relationships providing legal solutions, drafting, review of Commercial and private Lease Agreements, Tenancy Agreements and License Agreements. We respond to breach of covenants, enforceability of leasehold covenants, and disputes emerging from controlled or statutory tenancies.