• Project finance
  • Due diligence
  • Social Safeguards and feasibility assessments
  • Land rights acquisition (public/private/community)
  • Licensing & Permitting
  • Zoning and Land use
  • Power purchase agreements
  • Contractor and interconnection agreements
  • Environmental Law Compliance
  • Partnerships and other Joint development agreements

Infrastructure projects often involve complicated processes in heavily regulated industries. In order to overcome these challenges, stakeholders need to navigate multiple legal complexities. Our team seeks to simplify the complexities and help our clients get the job done by bringing together lawyers with corporate, real estate, environmental, transportation, tax, devolution and public sector experience.

We pride ourselves in maintaining the highest level of infrastructure-related insights, not only about the relevant legal, legislative, and regulatory framework that applies to any given transaction but also about related developments in the political arena that can affect the transaction’s outcome or terms for our clients.

We serve property owners and developers, network utilities, infrastructure operators, construction companies, regulatory bodies and industry consultants.

Our team includes lawyers that served in government roles early in their careers who therefore understand the unique issues facing governmental entities and the sensitivities of intergovernmental relations particularly during a time of transition. These lawyers have excellent working relationships with key governmental decisionmakers on infrastructure projects. Having traversed Kenya in its entirety, we have gained considerable experience with different classes of stakeholders that weigh in on, and sometimes oppose, infrastructure projects and have acquired expertise on stakeholder engagement.

For each international project, we draw on long-standing relationships with independent law firms. This brings together individuals from the relevant countries to provide the optimum legal expertise for that particular transaction, allowing us to deliver a first class global legal service in a way that is appropriate to the relevant market.