We believe that people involved in a legal dispute should be actively involved in resolving it. We, therefore, focus our practice on mediation- an informal, nonconfrontational dispute resolution technic where the goal is to help parties reach a voluntary agreement that everyone can live by.

Our mediation panel includes highly respected individuals from diverse backgrounds and practice areas who are well equipped with the legal and business acumen, credibility and settlement skills required to resolve even the most contentious and complex matters.

We work diligently every step of the way—from premediation calls and preparation to post-mediation follow-up—toward helping all parties arrive at the best possible outcome to their dispute. In the event that all issues are not resolved during the mediation session, we are tenacious and follow up in an effort to keep parties engaged in the process and focused on resolution. We will persist until the case settles or every conceivable option has been exhausted.