Consultancy services for climate-proofed infrastructure for improved water supply and sanitation in arid and semi-arid areas

Under the support of the European Union, the Water Sector Trust Fund is implementing the programme: Ending Drought Emergencies: Climate Proofed Infrastructure for Improved Water Supply and Sanitation in Arid and Semi-Arid Land Areas in Rural Kenya.

The WSTF interventions are all geared towards resourcing and providing timely financial support for improved access to water and sanitation facilities to areas without adequate services. There is therefore need to conduct a baseline study in these Counties to define pre-inception status of the specified indicators and operational areas. The baseline information is expected to largely inform the development phase of the programme investments as well as provide critical information in the mid-term and end of programme evaluation studies. The overall purpose of the assignment is to undertake a detailed screening and scoping exercise aimed at identifying and ranking in a transparent manner and through a prescribed process and approach at least 5 potential Water Utilities (WUs), in Samburu, Mandera, West Pokot and Baringo County that could benefit for support under the equitable access to quality water and strengthened water resources management programme supported by the European Union (EU).