Public Sector


  • Policy formulation and review
  • Institutional reform and development
  • Training and capacity building
  • Capacity needs assessment
  • Curriculum development
  • Constitutional litigation
  • Inter/intra-governmental disputes
  • Legal audits and regulatory compliance

Our clients — both government agencies and private companies — make complex decisions that operate at the intersection of legislative, political, regulatory and commercial considerations. Government is subject to a particularly unique set of challenges thanks to the increasing speed of legislative change, the need for greater openness and responsiveness, and the push for all government institutions to take their cues from the corporate world when it comes to best practice.

Oduk Ongati Advocates is a trusted advisor to a range of government entities across multiply tiers of the public sector. We manage the full spectrum of issues ranging from day-to-day commercial, contracting, property, procurement, compliance and dispute resolution. We have supported significant infrastructure projects, including public private partnerships (PPPs) spanning all major sectors including transport, energy, water and social infrastructure.

We advise on social safeguards, community consultations, meaningful public participation and the development of statutory decision-making frameworks that minimise the chances of a successful legal challenge.

We are adept in matters policy and have assisted the public sector by way of policy formulation and review; institutional reform and development; training and capacity building; adaption and incorporation of international best practices and undertaking capacity needs assessment and developing appropriate capacity development initiatives for various sectors.

We also assist governments in solving a broad spectrum of substantive legal problems including:

• Litigation: extraordinary writs (mandamus, prohibition, injunctions); eminent domain; intergovernmental disputes; constitutional matters, mediation and arbitration;
• Legislation; lobbying; general law amendments; county bills and special acts and the procedures surrounding them;
• Institutional and legal audit and regulatory compliance;
• Advising board clients on public records requirements, conflicts of interest and other procedural matters.